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Wanderlust vs. Escapism

You’ve made the decision to finally book that flight and finalize your travel arrangements. It’s an exciting and exhilarating feeling. This is the destination you’ve been waiting to go to. Thoughts start racing through your head about all of the looks you’ll pack as you plan out your itinerary, the only thing is your suitcase hasn’t even been unpacked from the excursion you went to two weeks ago.

If you’re a woman who has declared herself a travelista or find yourself frequently booking trips, do you ever ask yourself what the desire is rooted in? 

It’s such an amazing feeling to see new environments, immerse in different cultures, and explore lands other than the city you live in. We are believers in the saying, “If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.”

2020 was challenging enough and we don’t blame you for wanting to hop on the first flight to somewhere new. We are right there with you.

The idea of wanderlust is so sexy and often romanticized on social media that we forget that escapism is a real thing, and honestly, nothing to be ashamed of.

Since we are here to encourage our BLEU women to live well, we are giving you ways to identify when your wanderlust cravings are treading the escapism terrain.

Here are some ways to help you get grounded so you can book your getaways with ease.

You feel overwhelmed on the last day of your trip

If you’re away and on your last day you’re ambushed with thoughts about responsibilities that await you on your return like bills, obligations, work, meetings, etc. More than likely, your trip was rooted in trying to escape the madness. The only thing about that is when you’re gone the problems or responsibilities will still linger. Before you leave for your trip, try making a “Return To-Do List” so that you have a proactive action plan in place and don’t have to feel the pressure of making overwhelming reactive decisions upon your return.

When you’re home, you are always thinking about being somewhere else

Yes, that picture of you on the beach in your RORY One-Piece Minimalist Swimsuit is bomb but if you find yourself always looking at the picture wishing you were there, it will be hard for you to appreciate the present.

Take elements that bring you joy from your trips home with you. If you fell in love with a certain scent, try buying candles with that fragrance and light it up every time you feel like you want to escape back to that place. Create memories during your travel that will be easy for you to recreate at home. One amazing thing about RORY, you can wear it at home on the couch and still feel like you’re chilling on the beach.

You believe you’re living your best life when you’re away

The views, the ease, the break from the rat-race are ways to for sure lift your mood. And that thread count in your hotel room seems like it’s heaven-sent. Trust us when we say, you are the key to living your best life - not the location.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to appreciate the wonders of the world and to learn new things about yourself. You can make space in your home-life to explore new gems in your neighborhood, meet new people, and have the same thrills as getting on a plane. Find something that creates a spark for you in your home city so in between your trips you have a little cove that brings you joy.

Wanderlust requires balance, and if the balance is thrown off, there is a chance your desire can end up in escapism territory, which can be unhealthy. We would like to leave you with an affirmation to keep you living well and feeling great.


Repeat after us:

I am cultivating a life that I don’t need to escape from. Joy finds me at every corner. No matter where I am, I flourish.

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Thank you for shedding light on this topic! Escapism is so real and not talked about enough in travel. The tips provided are great to keep in mind!

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