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BLEU Woman: Travel Enthusiast Sienna Christine talks Travel Hacks and Wellness Practices


We're kicking off our Bleu Woman Interview Series with travel enthusiast and content creator Sienna Christine. You've seen her living her best life traveling to the most beautiful places while documenting it all on her Instagram profile @iamsiennachristine. After getting introduced to her brilliant travel displays and bomb photos modeling pieces from our collection - RORY, SABER, and BIANCA, we we're excited to get her thoughts on travel, hear her story, and what wellness practices give her peace while living her wanderlust dreams. Get into our interview below.


NB: We are in awe of the content that you create centered around travel. Outside of traveling and slaying your photos, who is Sienna Christine?


SC: Thank you so much! I’m a freelancer, advisor, travel agent, sister, and friend. I'm an introvert by nature who takes pride in expressing myself authentically. I’m passionate about capturing moments, exploring cultures, and connecting with people. I’ve lived in the big city of New York for almost my whole life and I still believe New York is the greatest city in the world.


NB: How did you get introduced to travel? What was the experience that changed your life and made you decide you wanted to keep going?


SC: My love for travel has been instilled in me since I was young. My parents traveled to Aruba for their honeymoon over 30 years ago and have been visiting every year since. Although my love for travel started with my annual Aruba trips, my love really grew when I visited Brazil with my first digital camera in 2005. That’s when I truly fell in love with experiencing new places and capturing moments. The travel experience that changed my life for good was when I studied abroad in London. The thought of starting over, meeting new friends, and falling in love with new favorite places can sound refreshing and exciting to some but absolutely frightening to others.

This leap of faith easily turned into the most memorable experience in my life. I never thought that another city could feel so much like home. London opened my eyes to so many unique experiences. I went to a human tattoo gallery, saw off-Broadway plays, and did graffiti bike tours. On the weekends, I got to explore so many new destinations.  After living abroad, I knew that travel had to be something that was central in my life. It finally felt like I found my purpose.


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NB: What has been your favorite place to visit? Why?


SC: Bali was my favorite trip so far. To say that Bali was magic would be an understatement. Bali is an eye-opening island that allows for a travel experience of a lifetime. I had never traveled to a place where everyone was so genuinely nice. I was caught off-guard at first but left my Bali trip with a greater appreciation for the good people in this world.


Overt kindness is engrained in the Balinese culture, and it is visible in the way you are greeted when you enter any establishment and felt at all times while there. I spent my days chasing waterfalls, exploring golden temples, connecting with nomads, doing yoga, and eating delicious, cheap eats. These are moments that I’ll treasure forever. I’m hoping to make it back to Bali soon once the world opens up a bit more.


NB: When you travel, do you travel solo? Is this your preferred way to travel? If so, why?


SC: I’ve always had the greatest travel buddy, my best friend. Picking the right travel partner is crucial because it can make or break your trip. I love when you can travel with someone who shares the same interests as you and is on the page. I can’t say that traveling with others is preferred because I haven’t had enough experience with solo travel yet but I’ll be venturing more into solo travel at the end of this year. I’m the type of person who loves to go outside of my comfort zone so I’m so excited to see where that adventure will take me.


NB: What advice do you have for women interested in traveling frequently? Do you have any travel hacks?


SC: My best advice for women who are interested in traveling frequently is to feel the fear and do it anyway. If you don’t think that you have the time to travel, start using your vacation time wisely. Try planning trips around the holidays that you already have off so you can have a prolonged vacation while minimizing the vacation days used to save for later. Check out sites like Google flights, Skyscanner, and Hopper to find the best-priced flights. You can also compare hotel website rates to the rates of websites like and to get the most affordable prices. Figure out how much you intend to spend on your trips and try taking out a portion of each paycheck to put aside strictly for traveling. This way you can spend freely and within your budget on your trips. All these tips have been useful for my travel lifestyle.


NB: The content that you capture on your trips is top tier. Is there a lot of planning that goes into producing your content? What does your process entail?


SC: Some of my content is more curated and other content is just think of at that moment. I always make note of the places I want to visit and save photos of experiences that I want to have. I get a lot of my inspiration from blogs, vlogs, or other social media sites. However, I love doing research and finding less popular, hidden gems on my own. When planning for my curated content, I always consider what outfit matches the scene best and what accessories to wear if any.


Other things I consider are the ideal time to visit a spot that is generally early to avoid crowds and what device to use to best capture the moment whether it be my Nikon camera, drone, iPhone, or GoPro. Once I have that planned, I’m all set to start my content creation. Generally, I ask whoever I am traveling with to shoot the content and other times I use my tripod or collaborate with a photographer whose vision inspires me. 




NB: Is there a resort or hotel that you would highly recommend from one of your travels?


SC: I absolutely love staying at places that are comfortable with a beautiful aesthetic. The Magic Blue Spa Hotel in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is one of my favorite boutique hotels. I’ve visited this hotel twice so far. My stay included spa access and complimentary breakfast. There is a bar at the hotel that serves a daily happy hour as well. The aesthetic of the hotel is so dreamy with a jungle ambiance, soft hammocks, and a stunning pool. It’s the type of place that is so comfy that you want to stay forever.


NB: What wellness practices do you incorporate into your daily routine? What is a must while you travel?


SC: I am such an advocate for self-care and protecting mental health that I even studied Psychology in college. Wellness practices are a must on every trip. Some wellness practices that I include in my daily routine are journaling, listening to music, and practicing yoga. I love to write about my travels in my journal and also through written letters to my friends in different countries. I am a huge fan of the music collective, Soulection, so the Soulection playlists are usually the soundtrack of my travels. I’ve been newly getting into doing yoga through bingeing Youtube videos. My travels usually incorporate all three of these wellness practices.

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