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5 Ways to Elevate Your Home for your Self-Care Regimen

Resort At Home


Self-care begins with you, but it doesn’t have to end there. While on this journey to find ways to love me deeper in more meaningful ways, I realized that everything around me also affects my ode to self-care. I started analyzing the habits I grew comfortable with and noticed that my environment had a lot to do with how I felt. I started to fall off my clean-up routine because I was so focused on my budding business. I started to neglect a lot of chores around the house because I feared I didn’t have time to do both, or when I had the time, I felt burnt out because I avoided giving my attention to it for so long.


One day I came home from work ready to knock out my to-do list only to see dishes from the previous night, an unswept floor, and pillows out of place. “Oh hell no!” is what I thought to myself. I immediately felt uneasy and embarrassed that I had allowed my home to get like that. I threw everything down, got my favorite cleaning products, and went to work. 


It was therapeutic wiping down the kitchen cabinets. I didn’t even have music on so you know I was in the zone. Only the sound of the water and the aroma of lavender. I was at peace and realized that I was being productive, I had all the time in the world, and I was taking care of myself.   


With that, our self-care regimen shouldn’t only be a list of things that physically benefit us. Conditioning your hair, getting your fingers and toes painted, even uplifting mirror speeches are not the only ways to be good to yourself. Giving your home and personal spaces attention is just as important because that is ultimately where we find the most comfort.


Here are 5 things you can do in your home to resort anytime and contribute to your self-care regimen.

Open all of the blinds


I don’t know about you, but it’s something about natural light that instantly lifts my spirit. If you are feeling cloudy or are experiencing brain fog, open all of the blinds in your home and let the sun rays beam in a new perspective. 


If you are living in a place with limited access to natural light or it gets dark before you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight when you need it, try investing in a HappyLight Liberty 5k Energy Lamp. It has been noted to improve your mood and energy and also help regain focus and productivity. The compact size is perfect for personal desks and nightstands.


Sage with your calming playlist in the background


Burning sage, or the proper term smudging, is an ancient ritual used to change and shift the air element and transform current experiences into a mystical one. It is similar to a spiritual shower or deep cleansing. During this process, I’ll have my Spotify playlist or Mermaid by Sade playing softly in the background. This will instantly reset your aura and call forth the energy of peace and love. 


Light your favorite candles or Fragrance Oil


Heighten your senses with your favorite aroma candle or few. Choose to burn them right before you go in the shower so when you return to your room, the sweet smells swaddle you while you rub on your favorite oil. Scents are the best thing to help connect to a pleasing memory and clear your mind of negative things.

Place fresh plants around your home


Aloe vera, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Money Trees, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, and Lavender are just a few to get you started. These plants have been known to de-stress the atmosphere and purify the air. Greenery is always nice to look at and it is an instant reminder of tranquility. Create a space in your home where you can keep your plants together. Visit that spot when you need to be relaxed with your favorite wine in hand.


Declutter and Mop


No matter what you do, sometimes you still feel heavy in your own home. That feeling calls for a good de-clutter and fresh mop across the floor. Your space is most important and if you feel uneasy in it, maybe you need to take a quick moment and show it some TLC. Nothing feels better than removing things that need to be removed and decluttering the closets and cabinets. You can boil a fresh pot of water mixed with a scented liquid cleaner and a few drops of bleach for maximum freshness to use with your mop. Your space will feel brand new and be a lot easier to breathe.

What do you around your home for your self-care regimen?

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