Fall 21 Capsule: WILD SIDE

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Welcome to the WILD SIDE

There is a WILD woman in all of us. For our Fall 21 Capsule: WILD SIDE, we are exploring the essence of resorting at home. A time to turn your space into a sanctuary that breathes peace and ease. It's about the beauty of dressing up to admire your own silhouette in the mirror. Each piece was hand selected as a mood and texture that represent the mystic nuances of women we know - or striving to be.

To tap into the vibe of each garment, we've listed a song from our WILD SIDE Playlist that gives each look life.

We hope that you discover your WILD SIDE is beautiful. No matter how untamed, unruly, or soft it can be. Wishing you days ahead of freedom, rest, and ease. This is our WILD SIDE.

Sounds of WILD SIDE

Tap into our WILD SIDE playlist and enjoy the ride.


This jumpsuit instantly makes you want to dance and twirl to match its vibrant energy. All eyes will be on you at any event with Melrose on.

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